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Writing And Observation

 “A writer is working when he’s staring out of the window.” ~ Burton Rascoe

So where do I start, every writer when he/she starts penning down his/her best work or the very first work has the same things going on in his/her mind. You might get better at writing each day in language or fluency or storytelling, writing gets better with time. A writer is always collecting, connecting, and observing things, activities, and tasks, or in fact silence can be a very critical observation for a writer. Writers express themselves, their world, or the whole wide world through their artistic mind. Writing and reading go hand in hand. But observation is that component of writing where you just have to absorb those lively, or not so lively things. Each writer evokes feelings or unwinds the crumples in your mind which you never knew really were crumpled. Writers bring life to stillness and stillness to life. A writer perceives a lot of things when he is observing. He might look at the stars and feel ethereal and can dive into the cosmic world of infinite possibilities and some might think how a person can go from looking at the stars and eventually write a poem. A writer’s keen observation is something to bet upon. Writing has innumerable possibilities. The same thought can be presented in numerous ways, leaving us with so much content. Writers convey us reality through fiction, fiction through reality. All of which is constructed and framed with so much patience, insight, and a deeper perspective over minute things. Detailing is one thing a writer has to focus upon. Taking cues from nature, communication, interaction, and also a lot of research. Writing is something you start with, for yourself and gradually people start connecting with your idea of thought. Connectivity or relatability is the reason why written works of great authors still make sense no matter how far we have come. Giving thought to thought is how observation works.  Instead of the thought recognize its source and the deeper insights into it. Also, thought processing is something every mind is capable of. The brain is made for thinking, practicing writing these thoughts into a diary, and giving it a read later is growing from your thoughts. You can observe the change in your thoughts as you grow from some trauma, some failure, and the loss of a loving person.  Feelings are stored in the mind and we often lose track of them. But if we keep it written somewhere we might connect if we are in the same phase of life ever again.  Observing patterns about your life, the mind cannot just help you in understanding your own emotions but it can also make it easier for you to connect with people. People might not share common bonds, interests nothing at all but we as people share common emotions and can bond over emotions anytime. The same blood runs through our veins. And the same blood carries messengers which are responsible for our emotions. It’s imperative to read and write to put our imagination to words and every mind is capable of it. Everyone has at some point felt a connection to art.

                 Once a writer, always a writer. A Writer is Never Off Duty. 


                                                          -Chanmeet Kaur


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