World’s Journey to Re-discover Tie & dye Designs, 2021

For me:

My love for tie and dye developed due to my academics. I designed few samples in my textile classes during 2nd year of college. I remember the day well the room was filled with happy and excited faces patiently waiting for the outcome of their last spent hours and the results were wonderful. The samples designed by my dear fellows were enriched with beautiful colors and unique patterns that it became so hard for me to move my eyes away. That’s how it started for me, now I am writing about it to you.




For World:

Tie and Dye is the oldest form of designing clothing. It’s an ancient art based on color resistance techniques. The world has been obsessed with tie and dye psychedelics since the ’60s and ’70s. When some of us thought that the tie and dye have lost their charm. These designs walked its path again from home wear to hot couture. During the pandemic, the world has rediscovered the Tie and Dye trends. We found many of us trying to fill our life with colors and fun again with DIY techniques. Some brands such as Prada, R13, and Stella McCartney, etc. Took this opportunity and created masterpieces out of it during the last couple of years.



For You:


Recently I shared a poll on my Instagram profile asking a simple question. Is it only me? Or the whole world is in love with Tie and Dye designs these days. And the answers were as expected. 63% of my following said that they have fallen in love with these patterns and colors. And the other 37% agreed on the fact that it’s everywhere these days. Many showed interest in purchasing different products that are made with tie and die art. So, let me share few techniques with which you can design your old T-shirt too because why not?

Name –

Technique –

Look –

Ø  Marbling

The variegated and irregular cloud-like texture which is dyed on cloth is called marbling. The cloth is bunched up closely and bound with thread or string, before being dyed.

Ø  Twisting and coiling

The cloth is first twisted to the extent that it starts coiling itself, and then it is tied strongly with a thread. This texture is more evenly spaced over the cloth

Ø  Knotting

It is one of the earliest and quickest methods of producing dyed texture. In this method, the length of the cloth is tied in knots.

Sound like a Task but do you also want it at the same time?

I have a solution for you, is aware of some of the best Tie and Dye designers and their amazing products. I can help you get in touch with them and customize a beautiful piece for you to follow this 2021 trend. All you have to do is DM at or . Until then have fun :p

-All the Love T!

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