Trust, handle with care

Trust is as fragile as glass, once broken cannot be the same, as both take the same time to be made and the same time to be fragmented. Trust is something that brings two people close to each other because if there is trust, there is friendship; if there is friendship, there is love and life without love is like no life at all. Trust is the greatest asset anyone can have, once lost may take forever to pay the debt. We are supposed to handle it with utter care and patience or in no time they are shattered into millions of pieces and pierced into your heart as guilt. When we build trust we may not know what the outcome may be, but once a broken trust is always broken, no glue can stick them back together. A delicate thing like trust must be guarded like a dog guards his master’s property. No trust must be taken for granted or you will fall into a pit full of shattered glass pieces.

As Dhar Mann once said,
“Trust Takes Years To Build, Seconds To Break And Forever To Repair”

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