Top High Paying Work from Home Jobs

Work from home is not a new job pattern. It was there even before our Industrial Revolution and after the invention of the Internet, this working pattern took a different shape. As the name suggests, it permits you to carry out your responsibility errands from the solace of your home and remain as gainful and proficient as you would be in office. 

At first, Work from the home was misinterpreted with low wages and less regarded occupations but with time businesses and employees started adapting this working pattern. Now, 9-5 jobs are not the only jobs available in the market. As per a report from Truelancer is 2016, it is seen that India has started following the work from home pattern and more than 15million people are working from home either as an employee or a freelancer and not only earning their livelihood but also the respect of their employers and clients.

 Besides, is being viewed as a surprisingly beneficial turn of events in this shocking pandemic a circumstance where every single organization has instructed their representatives to work from home and it is evident that employees are working with the same enthusiasm and they are equally proficient and profitable. This clearly shows the coming future has a gigantic development capability of work from home working patterns with equivalent and even high-paying jobs.

 There are two kinds of work from home jobs;

 1.      Jobs were employees of the company work from their homes

2.      Freelancers who are the sole owners, working for different firms simultaneously from their homes. 

As the start-up economy in India is getting strong, freelancers are in now high demand and they have got the interest of the corporate sector as well. A recent survey revealed that 20% of freelance talent demand is driven by large corporates and MNCs. Therefore, market trends are certainly going to change post the pandemic situation and hence, it is the best time to grab the opportunity and start working as a freelancer but, before commencing the freelancing, make sure to you have the self-discipline to stay dedicated and valuable to the customer. 

 The following are the high-paying jobs that enable you to work, earn money and respect while sitting in a favorite room of your home.

Content Writer

It’s a form of online writing and one of the most trending online marketing forms, to inform about a certain topic/product/service. It is being used immensely to influence the potential customers to buy their product or service through web campaigns, 70% of the organizations are presently putting resources into content marketing however not getting wanted outcomes as the majority of the population has started writing but not really effective. Consequently, there’s a rise in demand for good content writers that leads to higher prices. Along these lines, on the off chance that you feel you’re innovative, can communicate well in words, and have decent information on the language (it very well may be any language) at that point content writing is the fittest profession for you.

 It’s a zero to low investment profession with no requirement of any particular degree or educational qualification. You can earn from Rs. 5000 – 1Lakh a month depending upon the frequency and quality of content as well as your clients. 

 A content writer can earn through various forms of writing and the following are then open doors accessible in the market as a content writer:

 – Start blogging on your own website and earn through Google Adsense

 – Affiliate marketing

 – Guest posting

 – Review writing 

 – Script Writing

 – Translator

 – Proofreader, etc.


Vlogger is another term and most used word nowadays for video blogging. Same as blogging, video blogging is made to share the maker’s contemplations, experiences, or anything a person would like to share over the internet through a short video. Since 2010, the market for vlogging has seen a hike in India. Youtube is a well-known and most preferred platform for the same. All you need is to make a youtube channel, that’s it! 

 To become a vlogger, it is essential to have the confidence to face the camera, moderate acting skills, and engaging content and you can earn Rs. 1000 – several lakhs a month. 

 As a vlogger, the following are the best opportunities available to you:

 – Through Youtube and Adsense – You can earn a good amount but for that, You can acquire a decent sum yet, you should have 4,000 hours of overall watch time on your channel within the past 12 months and have at least 1,000 subscribers. For more information regarding Youtube monetization policies, visit: YouTube channel monetization policies

 – Product endorsement or paid advertisement

 Most recommended vlog topics:

– Tutorial videos;
– Gaming vlogs;
– Travel experience clips;
– Amazing facts;
– Pranks and comedy;
– Interviews;
and many more…

Freelance HR 

Human Resource (HR) or more often called gigsters to earn their living. The major role of HR is to serve the company with the required manpower and to make sure employee job satisfaction in every sense, whether professional or personal. Traditionally, HR used to have the 9-5 job but now in an independent working economy, the HR profession has evolved with almost 50,000+ jobs available for freelance HRs in India with decent pay (you can also work on a commission basis) and remote working options.

To turn into a freelance HR, it is recommended to have a pertinent educational qualification and proven experience in the same domain however certain MNCs approach the freshers with less or no experience. Even though HR freelancing is quite new in the market still its demand is exponentially rising as it seems an efficient and financially-savvy solution to companies, a win-win working model for both firm and freelancer, and it has definite growth potential. 

 Significant organizations working with Freelance HRs:

 – Event management companies
– Customer service representatives
– Digital marketing firms
– Web development companies
– Small or medium-sized businesses, etc.

Freelance Translator 

 A translator is someone who deciphers one language from another in a profoundly proficient way. Despite numerous applications available on the internet for language translation, companies still prefer to get it translated through some professionals as it isn’t restricted to the interpretation of language just, it is to keep up similar feelings, diversion, and the importance of the content. As a translator, you must convey a similar message to the reader regardless of what the language is. 

It is essential to have a good knowledge of the particular language in which you want to pursue your career as a translator as well as the creative mind to convey the identical meaning of the content. In India, there are innumerable translators available however the good quality writers/ translators are in heavy demand and as said by Evan Munyuki “GREAT THINGS DEMAND HIGH PRICE”. You can earn from Rs. 10,000/month or Rs. 10,000/day depending upon the quality of translation and clients.

Highly-paid languages:







 Online tutor

Teaching varies from school-level lessons to college lectures to vocational or skills-based learning. Online tutoring is as same as offline or in-class tutoring but in an online or virtual manner. A teacher must be sitting in her own house and be teaching the number of students. Online tutoring can be done through various methods like video conferencing, webinars, or vlogs. In an earlier survey (before the pandemic situation), it was evident that already 30% of India’s total students are learning via online apps or web portals and have the assurance to touch the 5% of the country’s total GDP by 2021. Now in the current pandemic crisis, online tutoring is notable even in school kids. Students, parents, and teachers are getting comfortable with virtual learning and finding various solutions to make it a feasible and easy to learn experience for students. Therefore, online teaching will surely rise PAN India, and it’s the biggest opportunity in these circumstances to make your career as an online tutor. You can likewise go along with one of the online tutoring apps that hire teachers from remote places.

You can start teaching online with the help of these apps or websites: 

– Youtube
– Google Meet
– Microsoft Team
– Google Hangouts or any other app that you feel is appropriate for you. 

To become an online teacher, it’s not necessary to have a particular degree but mostly recommended to have one and you can teach any subject or skill that you have experience in and you can earn as much as you can in this job. 

Web Developer
The most compelling motivation to pick this as a profession in India is that web development has become a necessary piece of the present IT industry or the product business and the interest for sites will never descend sooner rather than later as the number of individuals utilizing the web is expanding step by step in the nation. Since the web developing industry is having an acceptable development rate in India as indicated by the current investigation, being an independent website specialist is never a terrible choice. As per The Bureau of Labor Statistics report, in the website development field vacancies are required to become 27% by 2020.

The web development professionals can help you make Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 15,000 a month even in the beginning and the majority of web designers are freelancers and have staff under them to run the business. Since this is a web-based and coding-relevant job so it requires a professional degree to pursue. Moreover, a sense of creativity and design for user-friendly and innovative website structures. 

Digital Marketing Operator 

With the progression of the IT industry in India, there are several career opportunities we have on the plate now, one of them is Digital Marketing operations. As the name proposes it’s the form of online marketing that involves various techniques to spread awareness or sell products/services on an online platform. The growth of digital marketing is directly related to the growth of small or medium-sized businesses on the internet. 

To kick start your career in digital marketing operations, a person must have a thorough knowledge of online marketing and it’s recommended to have the relevant educational qualifications that uplift your profile. Moreover, companies are now giving more preference to remotely working digital marketing operators in comparison with regular employees. A well-experienced and professional freelance digital marketer can earn up to Rs.40Lakhs PA. 

In the field of digital marketing, you can work as any of the following:

– Digital marketing operator
– Social Media Manager
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager
– Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager

 Graphic Designer or Video Editor

A graphic designer creates virtual images with the help of computer-based software to impart thoughts that motivate, illuminate, and influence purchasers. They build up the general format and create the structure for applications, for example, promotions, handouts, magazines, and reports. Visual arts are highly paid simply because a minimum of 40% of business communications are nowadays visual and all products are first launched virtually over the internet to create demand and then step into the market. 

A decent graphic designer can earn up to 3 – 6Lakhs PA, all you require is designing software’s knowledge and creative mind. 

Where to begin from – 

In the beginning, you may experience that it’s hard to find freelance or high-paying work from jobs but consistent attempts are the only paths to success. There are a few online portals that can help you in your journey of success:

 – Personal contacts
–  LinkedIn

Always remembers the worth of this journey, nobody knows today’s work from home can be tomorrow’s biggest company. All the best! 

Please share your experiences with us in the comment section and let us know what queries you have related to your work from home job career, I will try to cover it in our next blog.

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