The 5 Definitive Bag Trends To Keep In Mind For 2021

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year, with most of it squandered at home, ogling wistfully at the cutest and hottest assets that sat in our wardrobes the entire year and never saw the light of the day. Trawling through all this hope and optimism that 2021 has bestowed upon us with the announcement of the Vaccination Drive. We can fairly state that the time has now come to consider the brighter, shinier, and more colorful regions of living and objects of beauty such as tiny small accessories and bags, which will reign supreme in the fashion world this year. While we spent the last year analyzing runways, browsing through hundreds of Instagram pages, and constant people-watching to find the OTM bag styles that deserve a spot in your closet and new work-leisure lifestyle, we’ve collected together a little something for everyone to invest in, look forward to, and boost their OOTDs with, including all-rounder soft volumes for minimalists, mini-tech bags, and upgraded summer totes for those who always believe in a tad-bit extra, so let’s get you started to ace up your look with these extremely fascinating bag trends which you gonna love:-

1)   Soft volumes

Lazy girls, stick together! We’ve identified the ideal and straightforward match for you. These soft-touch bags have no form, so you may pack everything you need in them without fretting about their appearance. It not only adds to the austere aesthetic value but also delivers elegance. To begin, we recommend investing in smooth collected constructions and neutral tones to highlight the delicate volumes.

2)   Crafted with love

With these innovative handwoven elaborative patterns, you may add a handmade flair to your fashion purchases while also enhancing your game. This particular trend’s versatility is what makes it a hit in our opinion. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and a variety of textures to choose from. On the other hand, bags with decorative elements like tassels and fringing, knitted fabrics, and vivid hues are sure-fire discussion starters.

3)   The saddle twist

Some silhouettes never go out of style, which is a beautiful sight. The Saddlebag, for example, is making a resurgence. The equestrian heritage design never fails to improve any ensemble and quickly provides a classy vibe that appears ageless. Detachable belts, adjustable straps, and slimmer profiles featuring distinctive textures like fur and embossed crocs graced the runways this year, lending a sense of freshness and usefulness to the saddle bag.

4)   Mini Tech Bags

Because of the limited space, we’ve always been skeptical of the tiny-bag craze. This time, though, we’re contemplating the little size because it serves two purposes and is a delightful accent to wear. It also performs as a stand-alone piece as well as in juxtaposition with larger styles. The best thing is that high-end manufacturers are concentrating on re-creating their renowned styles in miniature sizes. Fendi has created a miniature version of its iconic baguette, which is at the top of our wish lists.

5)   The tiny evening bag

Swap up your old party clutch for a funky new one. If yours is influenced by natural silhouettes and rich materials, you’ll get bonus points. A lot of themes on your bag, such as seashells, pearls, and beads, make it a little more original and unusual.

So my queens please get ready to splurge your money on the trendiest bags and make your outfit be the center of attraction on whether it be a zoom party or an office meeting.

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