Spicing up fashion trends during quarantine

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”, a very famous quote stated by the most pre-eminent fashion icon, Bill Cunningham. Though joyful fashion was the most dominant theme in the spring 2021 runways, daily fashion patterns uniquely mirrored our lockdown reality. Without having to visit work, Sunday brunches, film dates, or parties, our shirts, suits, formal dresses, jeans, and excessive heels are snoozing within the closet at the same time as informal slip dresses, cozy pajama sets and fancy slippers are out. Fashionistas and quarantine queens are creating chic stay-at-home looks with items that they already have invested in before covid 19. To summarize, #HomeCouture is decimating #HauteCouture in the most inventive ways possible. People are becoming aware of the value of comfort over style in the current situation. Our latest 9 to 5 clothing choices have alternated between simple breezy work-from-home apparel to loungewear.

Others relied on sustainability, citing the global environmental issues as a reason for customers to embrace brands that care about climate change and the people who work in the manufacturing process. The coronavirus crisis might have just overwhelmed the industry’s activities, but not its spirit. But here’s a crucial question for those of us who aren’t in the fashion industry: is fashion really a thing? Having lived in almost the same pair of frayed lounge pants and t-shirt has indeed been my life for a while. “If there was one fashion lesson learned amid lockdown, it’s that personal style doesn’t fade away in hard moments. So, even if you’re already prepping every morning with a full face of makeup, or you’re like me, a little flustered and feeling like you owe a special award every time you coincide both socks, we can imagine together prancing in glamorous outfits as we finish our last sips of caffeine until we hide our heads in our study guides.

Here’s an overview of the top 2020-2021 quarantine fashion trends in chronological sequence:-


1. Miniskirts and shorts

Mini skirts and shorts

Women’s fashion has long been characterized by varying hemlines as the weather warms, and this is an age-old tale.

Fashion is drifting in the opposite direction away from maxi and floor-sweeping dresses to something more enticing for the youth. The term “mini” is a brilliant one because it conjures up the idea of “layering.” There are a lot of innovative options ahead of you to make your wardrobe summer-proof.


2. Bright hues

2020 was the year of pessimism, and it’s no surprise that our color choices mirrored that. However, now that we’ve entered a year of optimism, it’s time to ditch the drab greys and bring back the vibrant hues in our wardrobe. Let 2021 be a year of bold colors, from monochrome co-ord sets to colorful printed outfits. Bright colors usually tend to elevate your mood into a jovial one, alongside helping you enhance your personality.


3. Floral prints

Floral prints

Indeed, during this time of year, you could always rely on floral patterns of some sort to appear, as they are versatile in nature. The romantic atmosphere that these exquisite miniature florals create, gives us a more dainty and charming vibe. Extra-large floral prints are typically displayed to showcase extensive craftsmanship. As we prepare to welcome spring by lightening our wardrobes, it would be a wise decision to incorporate a few floral looks here and there. It’s a timeless print that’s easy to dress up or down.” Flowers are the epitome of happiness and have this magical power to brighten a person’s day and lift their spirits. Fashionistas can select from a multifarious range of prints and floral designs such as vintage, tropical, 3D, pressed flowers to monochromatic, geometric, abstract, oversized, single flower, and ditsy florals.


4. Zoom fashion

Zoom Fashion

You’re not alone if you’ve been wearing the very same sweatpants for the past three weeks. The latest trend is called “Zoom Fashion.” Zoom meetings also replaced social gatherings as the new trend. While it was initially enjoyable to spend the whole day in your pajamas, it soon became monotonous. So, why not use this opportunity to have some fun with your home outfits? Zoom is a perfect way to communicate with colleagues, customers, and friends if you work from home. You will not have to wear a whole suit or costume because your screen just shows you from the chest up. Put on a nice plain white shirt and do your hair up in a high bun with a minimal makeup look like something you would usually do for work. But that’s all there is to it! Wear your sweatpants or pajamas underneath, because the people on your screen won’t even notice.


5. The Slip Dress fashion

Slip Dresses

The year is 2020, but when it applies to slip dresses, then it has to be 1995, because the style is as powerful as it was when Jennifer Aniston rocked those slinky, sultry little numbers as Rachel Green on Friends and, of course, on the red carpet. A slip dress is light enough just to layer and one of the few wardrobe essentials that look equally great under a chunky knit or floor-length coat as it is easy to style and a great summer piece. The slip dress is popular to pair with more casual elements such as sneakers, denim jackets, and sweaters. It’s also popular to embrace it as one of those date-night essentials that can be worn right after work boosting your confidence to a whole new level.


6. Face masks
face masks

“If you’re going to secure yourself, you may as well do it in style.”

Face masks are now a must-have wardrobe staple, almost as if they were a part of our bodies. It’s impossible to go out without one, and the best part is that almost every clothing company is trying to create its own style. However, choosing a traditional, chic color with maybe different designs, prints or patterns will look more enjoyable to the eye. You could even get face masks with gold chains, face masks for wedding wear, and many more in a multitude of designs for any event. So here’s a challenge: Coordinate your looks while shielding your mouth and nose. Moreover, if you are trying to dawdle away your time and also be productive alongside, you could actually hand paint your masks or transform them into a tie-dye one making them stand out from the rest.


To conclude fashion could reconnect to its origins as a means of expressing one’s identity. We should also anticipate that our Environment would be able to restore ever much more as a result of this process. There has never been a better time to change up your looks because, in the end, who are you trying to please if not yourself? We manage to find warmth in clothes as days transform into weeks, months, and now a year of pandemic-induced quarantine. Even when the world around us is not pleasant, getting ready helps us feel better. With the vaccinations being carried out all over the country, I believe style overcompensation is in my sight. I’ll make up for all the cute things I didn’t get to wear! I’m looking forward to wearing interesting and comfortable looks to actual locations again. And I’m not going to be wearing sweatpants for a very long time. Nonetheless, I would like to recommend my lovely audience to find your own style within your comfort zone but also make your life more pragmatic by dolling yourself up because, in the end, it’s all about you feeling, looking, and being positive.






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