Some great tips to choose a good gynaecologist

Who is a gynecologist? 

A gynecologist is a person who deals with the problems related to female reproductive system(uterus, vagina, ovaries) and hygiene, he/ she is also responsible to look after all the issues regarding menstruation and pregnancy. 

Consulting a gynaecologolist once a year is recommended in order to take care of your reproductive health, and while choosing a good gynecologist one must look after the tips given below: 

Identify your problem (if any) 

First things first, women are shy to admit problems related to private parts, especially in India its like a taboo but before consulting a good gynaec you must check by yourself if you are facing any issues and tell the problem to the doctor accordingly in detail. These problems could vary from things like PCODs, pregnancy issues, vaginal discomfort etc. 

Look for recommendations 

These are some sensitive areas so better get a honest review/ recommendation from your friends/ family if they’ve came across any good gynaec they may suggest you better. Also look for online reviews and testimonials. Select wisely as in whom you’ll be more comfortable with as the practitioners are of all genders, and if someone is feeling uncomfortable by male gynaec examining their private parts then go with other options. 


Do check the timings and book your slot, check for their availability according to your time schedule then book your appointment beforehand. Apart from that you also need to look for their availability after you are done with the consultation as the patient could suffer any condition and might need the guidance, here is the list of things you must consider: 

• Will the doctor be available on phone call/ SMS to answer your non-emergency queries? 

• How long does one got to wait to urge a non-routine appointment? 

• How does he/she affect emergency calls? 

• How soon they’ll be available to meet or attend you? 

Location and cost  

Check the fee/ cost per visit, what they charge afterwards and also location is important as you might need to visit frequently so consider selecting a nearby location if possible. 


Finding the simplest gynecologist can make a world of difference when it involves your reproductive health. So better look for above mentioned tips while selecting a good one. Identify your problem, look for recommendation and check reviews, know your doctor’s availability and consider location/ cost before booking your slot. 

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