Schitt’s Creek: What Makes the Series a Trailblazing Sitcom?

When you hear the title “Schitt’s Creek”, the first thought that might cross your mind would probably be yet another feeble attempt at comedy. However, once you start watching this sitcom, it slowly unfolds as a marvellous work of art. What begins as a typical millionaires-gone-broke plot subtly changes into a funny yet wholesome story that fills our hearts with warmth and might even leave us teary-eyed.


The story of Schitt’s Creek revolves around the Roses, the multimillionaire owners of the Rose Video chains, who lose all their money overnight and end up in Schitt’s Creek. This small, grubby town happens to be the only possession that they’ve not been stripped of.

Bought as a joke for the son, David Rose, on his birthday, Schitt’s Creek becomes the sole refuge of the Roses, a fact that is unfathomable to all of them.


The Canadian TV sitcom first aired on CBC Television in January 2015 and ran the course of four months. It consists of 80 episodes that have been spread into six separate seasons. Today, we’re going to talk about what makes Schitt’s Creek so lovable to the audience. Despite the typical plotline, what are the atypical aspects of the show that set it apart from the rest?


The wonder that is Moira Rose


Have you met Moira Rose? The most eccentric member of the Rose family, Moira is the kind of woman that grows on you in the most unimaginable ways. From being a famous actress in a soap opera to being the wife of Johnny Rose, a successful businessman, Moira has spent her life surrounded by fame and luxury.


When the Roses have to part with everything they hold dear, Moira’s worst nightmares come true, and she ends up in a place quite similar to where she had started from, a small town where she worked as a 19-years-old waitress.


But, throughout the course of six years, we see Moira in all her uniqueness and love her for all her quirks. True, Moira might seem to be a bit too materialistic at times, but beneath all her elegant yet aloof words, she has a golden heart. She can be distant with her children, but she also loves them fiercely, pushing them to be their best versions while trying to protect them from heartbreaks and failures.


She might seem too self-consumed now and then, but her love for Johnny is profound and manifests itself at several points. Before anything else, Moira is a true artist. And although it makes her a little unhinged, it gives us yet another reason to love her peculiarity.


The more you learn about the character of Moira, the more you feel that nobody could be better suited for her part than Catherine O’Hara. Her unrecognizable accent and volatile behaviour breathe life into the wonder that is Moira Rose.


David and Alexis Rose: the typically atypical siblings

David and Alexis, the two adult children of the Rose family, are similar to all the siblings out there. Because the two never got to spend quality time together when they were wealthy, both David and Alexis have a hard time sharing rooms with each other. But then, which siblings don’t?

 Throughout the six seasons, both David and Alexis have come a long way, both individually and in their relationships with each other. They give each other reality checks and might even criticize them a little too much. But in the end, when one is feeling down, the other is always there for them and lifts them up. 


For all their bickering and banters, David doesn’t forget to remind Alexis how special she is when she’s feeling lost. And Alexis, although she practically wears a wedding dress herself at David’s wedding, makes sure she’s not the center of attention as she walks her brother down the aisle. Somehow, between all the quarrels over bathroom, beds, and car, the relationship of these siblings evolves beautifully.


The townsfolk of Schitt’s Creek 


We can all agree that in the beginning, Schitt’s Creek appears to be nothing more than a small, unkempt town where we just can’t imagine the Roses living. You’d suppose that anyone living in such a town would be ordinary, but the townsfolk of Schitt’s Creek is anything but.


When you meet Roland Schitt, the mayor of the town, for the first time, he seems to be a person who has no traits that you’d expect in a mayor. His accent and wardrobe make it even more difficult for us to take him seriously. 


But Roland’s more than just a laid-back man; he’s generous with everything he owns. He has never once turned down the Roses for anything they’ve needed, be it his truck or his signatures on the sale papers. In fact, towards the end, he even goes out of his way and takes out a mortgage on their house to buy the motel Johnny wanted, just because he believes in him. 


And then there’s Jocelyn, sweet Jocelyn who has always made the Roses feel welcome, whether it was Alexis in the high school or Moira in the Jazzagals. She’s the kind of person you cannot help but love.


Stevie Budd, the receptionist (and later the owner) of the Rosebud Motel, might strike as an uninteresting character at first, but her growth throughout the series is remarkable. In her, David finds a best friend and confidante, and Johnny finds a perfect business partner. With the way things end in the final season, we’re all left wondering about what all will Stevie, the businesswoman, achieve in her life.


Twyla is another happy-go-lucky resident of Schitt’s Creek who seems quite happy about being a waitress in the Café Tropical. Hers is a character we might not pay much heed to. But in the end, when she discloses about the huge lottery she’s won to Alexis, it surprises us all.


Lastly, how can we forget Patrick Brewer? The love of David’s life, but also poles apart from him in every way. Out of all things we admire about Schitt’s Creek, the love story between these two is our favorite. Patrick is a grounded, a mature, yet playful man who can both complete and compliment David in every way you can imagine. 


As the show ends in their wedding, as well as their decision to settle down in a charming cottage in Schitt’s Creek, we find ourselves being excited for their journey ahead.


Wrapping it up

Schitt’s Creek was bound to win the hearts of its audience from the beginning, and Netflix gave it the international exposure it needed by adding the series on its platform. If you’re ever looking to stream a series that’s a combination of light and fulfilling drama, give Schitt’s Creek a chance, and you wouldn’t regret it. 


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