Read a book, but don’t be like one

We are taught “never to judge a book by its cover”, but all we do is judge things by its outer layer. No person takes the initiative to peep inside the object or study it to know what lies beneath those hard covers; whether it’s a book or a human body, we always tend to acknowledge the outer appearance and neglect the treasure that’s deep inside.

Let’s look into this case from a different angle. People say a book teaches us different kinds of emotions that are preserved deep inside them. If a book teaches us these emotions, then it is our duty to maintain those emotions and share them with our loved ones. But all we do is keep them deep inside us just like a book. Yes, a book, which becomes fragile by time, old in other words, as we keep their emotions unexpressed. In the same way, we become fragile by keeping our feelings to ourselves which slowly turns into depression or anxiety. We are supposed to share these feelings instead of keeping them inside, eating us out of our own bodies. We are not supposed to be frail but strong and happy, sharing all the sorrows and pleasures with others.

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