How to get out of the body shaming loop

Body shaming is part of our lives that we fail to recognize and understand that is happening around us. The action or practice of humiliating someone by mocking or critical comment about their body shape or size is called body shaming. Body shaming results in a faulty body image (the way that someone perceives their body). This image is often affected by family, friends, social pressure, and the media. Body image links to the self-esteem of an individual. A lack of confidence and self-esteem are the concerning issue among adolescents and those entrapped the stereotypical beauty standards set by society itself, which does change with time now and then. Images of ideal beauty bombarding us daily. It is easier to forget that beauty standards vary vastly from one culture to another and over time.


If the beauty standards are ever-changing, it varies from state to state and personal preferences. My question, Is it even worth stressing about attaining a body type? With people constantly becoming more and more aware of the importance of loving themselves. My other question, Is it working in our favor or snatching the opportunity for improvement for better health? Whichever direction my mind runs, one thing that remains constant and makes it worth stressing on the simple fact that it is not about how you look but how you feel about it. As time has evolved, so do our perceptions about body images. It is less than fighting over the opinion of others but more to ask how it makes you feel deep within yourself. Because the gift you are ever going to give someone is the permission to feel safe in their skin. When one discovers this fact, they start losing interest in anyone who doesn’t see it. So, that one understands feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like and begin to measure themselves in laughter rather than inches and pounds.


It does not mean to lack the desire to make improvements in one’s life. It is equally important to work on all the pillars and the sections of life to live the fullest. You will be required to reach out for your happiness. Work more to build your career, finances, and health. But nothing is the definition of who you are and what your worth is? Life is not to learn but to be lived at your full potential. The constant work on yourself is the real key here. Several influencers are coming forward. To stand against such belief systems and they are being appreciated by the masses. Some of them are Sakshi Sindwani, she is a global creator/model who is constantly bashing styling stereotypes at her style me up with Sakshi Instagram and Blog. Another modern influencer and creator who outshine the crowd is Dolly Singh, she is also standing confidently with her humor and appreciation of her body type. We have Rupi Kaur, queen of Instagram poets who never fails to showcase her self-loving nature beautifully expressed in her poetry and phrases. And there are many more, as much as I would like to cover their names I will still miss a lot, so share your favorite influencers with me, I would love to see you dropping names of male influencers as they have the same struggles and fights to conquer 

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