by Shweta Mishra


For as long as I can remember, my life has been planned out in my head. Each day is scripted with what’s on my to-do list and I follow my plan as closely as I can. My life follows a pathway I created for myself. There’s almost never a day where I don’t have something planned out for me to do. And a day with nothing to do is my worst nightmare. Planning is what gives me control over my life. I enjoy knowing what’s next and doing everything on a routine. I don’t like spur of the moment decisions because it messes up my plan. But, planning can often distract you from opportunities. If you plan, life becomes predictable and monotonous. Being spontaneous can open doors for you that may have never existed in your plan. It can be hard to let go when you’ve put so much thought into what you want. There are always times when it feels impossible to make a decision. Letting go of the plan for the day might lead you on an adventure or allow you to finally solve a problem that’s been troubling you for so long.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s okay not to have a plan.

Albert Einstein once said “Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.”

My brother disliked the city where he pursued his undergraduate degree and felt stifled beyond words. He was barely 20 and not quite sure of his career trajectory.  All he knew was, he had to get out of an environment that wasn’t dynamic. 

Before the end of his final year in college, he had a translator’s job (overseas) and a call center job to choose from. You guessed it wrong- he chose the call center job.  He was not quite ready to pack up and leave India back then. So three days before he was due to report in at that call center and exactly a day before his flight, he got to know that he had been selected for his Masters’s program in the city of his dreams. While a two-year post-graduate degree meant opportunity cost at that time, he was glad he did not pursue the call center role that only meant some financial freedom. This postgraduate degree has opened up vistas including overseas and made him eligible for opportunities that are of his interest.


Sometimes we think about having a decent job just to meddle. You catch up with new things so that you do not have to explain yourself or to people all around who are very interested to know things. Your passion will catch you anyway. Just be brave enough to hold it on and never let it go.  Giving up is not the answer to it. It will make you restless and unhappy and that is not where you want to be after 10 years, thinking about why you gave up. Why did not you tried just one more time? Living with regrets is a harsh thing. The only thing in your control is to give your best.

 This is where you have to search for yourself rather than others. You will build resilience. Failure when strikes multiple times become easier for you to recover. You will have to hustle and you know nothing worth comes easy. There is no hurry in making big decisions for yourself early in life. And that is fine. The answer to this is experimenting and doing it fearlessly. 

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