how to prepare well for video interview

How to prepare well for a video interview

In the era where all of us are caged in our homes and trying to survive in this Covid-19 pandemic situation, the work culture has taken a radical change and we are trying to adopt a new normal ‘work-from-home culture. However, this is not something we were unaware of, earlier to this pandemic too companies were practising WFH but not at a larger scale. Since 2015, companies started adopting remote working; not only the regular activities but the hiring process went online too.

The reason why video interviews are gaining fame is not their comfort-giving nature; it has a bigger picture behind it. Being a job hunter, you will be able to go for one or two interviews a day but with the help of video interviews, you can schedule 4-5 interviews in a day that will increase your chances to get a job up to 50%.  At the same time, companies save approx. 67% of travel cost that incurs in the hiring process and gets fewer but quality candidates for ‘in-person interview’

Due to all this, almost 20% of the companies began taking online video interviews that hiked to 86% in 2020 and we are expecting a rise in this percentage and there are definite chances that video interviews will become a part of the corporate world post-COVID-19 pandemic too.

Since video interviews are being trendy and more adaptable the interviewees too, need to understand the essentials of it as well as how to prepare for a video interview at home.

First of all, keep in mind that video interviews are equivalent to in-person interviews. So, consider it equally significant and make a setup accordingly.

Before going into details, I have a few quick tips for you that may help you in all kinds of interviews

          Prefer using a laptop/computer for the interview

          Use Bluetooth/microphone/headset/ or any other device than a computer speaker

          Keep a pen, notepad, calculator, water bottle, and glass with yourself

          Avoid unnecessary disturbance

          Keep on acknowledging as it should not feel like your video got hanged or you are not listening to the interviewer

          Speak slowly, the speed of your speech should be slow for smooth communication and it doesn’t crack in between.

          Talk to the person, have a good conversation it will help you to be comfortable.

There are two kinds of preparations that need to be taken care of –

1.   Pre-interview preparations

     Internet connection trial

Out of all candidates those who applied for the job, only 20% of them get an interview call in real; don’t lose it due to silly excuses. Hence, the most important part of the video interview is well connected, without an interrupted internet connection.  Make sure to check your broadband connection at least 3-4 days before the interview so if there’s any sort of problem with the connection, you will be able to get it resolved before the interview.

     Apparel check

Though it’s a video interview and the interviewer may not be able to see what you are wearing still you need to dress professionally, even wear a pant. Not others but you are watching what you have worn.  Psychology says, your confidence depends on how much you positive about yourself, how do you present yourself. In this way, if you are dressed well you will feel optimistic and sound more confident that may increase your probability of getting selected.

You should wear business casuals, those too not very bright colors. Go for dark shades of blue, green, mustard, or black.

     Trial with a friend

As we do a mock interview before the real one. Likewise, schedule a mock interview with your friend or family member. The purpose of the mock interview is to check the following:

– Check if there’s any technical glitch

– Check for appropriate background and lighting

– Check camera setting

– Device and audio check

     Prepare as you are going for an interview

Don’t underestimate the power of a common video interview…: D

A simple video conversation can get you onboarded to the next job, all you need is to prepare as you may prepare for an in-person interview.

2.   Things to keep in mind during the interview


     ·         Screen setup and light adjustments

The interviewer should not feel like you are unaware of the video call ethics and manners. You should be well prepared. Don’t do anything which may show that you have taken an interview for granted as it’s a video interview.

Before starting the interview, turn on your webcam, and set it according to your face. Check the lighting; it should neither be too bright nor too dark. Natural light will be more preferred. Your background should not be disturbing or distracting; the plain colored wall will work.

     Body language

It’s difficult to showcase ones’ etiquette, confidence, and everything that you feel easy to show off in, in-person interview. Thereby, try to follow these tips to convey positive body language over a video interview:

          Sit straight to show your confidence and energy

      –     Keep a distance from the camera, so that the interviewer would be able        to see your gestures

          Maintain a decent eye contact

          Present yourself like you are comfortable enough to face the camera

          Don’t look here and there or up and down, it will give a bad impression

     Take care of your words

Remember! You are at the video call. Mind your words and sentences. The Hiring professional will take note of each word of yours to pass judgment so you should be cautious about your words. Do not use any word that will not fit in the situation. 

For instance, while greeting, say, “Hello Ms Stuart, nice to see you” than “Hello Ms. Stuart, nice to meet you.”

All the best! Enjoy this interview phase and pass it on with success.

 “It’s time to start living the life we’ve imagined” —Henry James.


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