Guide to bring ‘Picture Blog’ to a Website.

A blog offers ‘n’ number of personal, progressive, and professional benefits to someone willing to share their insights and life experiences with the masses. If you have been thinking of writing a blog of your own but never got time to work on it. Or you are someone who constantly stresses how to manage or maintain its consistency and marketing. Then this article is only for you.

I remember the days when I was at your place pondering and finding different excuses to postpone my blog posts or even finding a little courage to start one. I never thought of myself as a writer back then. There was a lack of a thing or other such as writing, grammatical skills, creativity, and experience to start with my blog. However, things took a different turn when I brought my ‘Picture blog’ to websites.

I use to share different illustrations and my perception of them. Later on, I started to share my reviews on the books that I was reading. I also wrote about artists working in different fields who inspired me in some way. I even started a food blog on Instagram with my friend (and created my own under the name of foodiebolte). You can create your blog or start ghost posting like me. Writing a blog helps in many ways. Let’s now discuss them!

o   Personal benefits – Writing gives you a way of expression and introspection. You start to know more about yourself. You will have more understanding and empathy toward the people surrounding you. You tap into your strengths and weaknesses. It also allows you to acknowledge the fact that learning is a never-ending process. And what is the importance of having an individual voice?

o   Progressive benefits – While working on a blog, you will learn to dig into the depths of the information, understand the frameworks. Learn new things each day, find about different aspects of the world and what is going around you. You start to become more aware of news, updates, and trends.

o   Professional benefits – It allows you to connect with the target audience in more relatable ways. It brings the flow of constant feedback. Blogs will help you to get new reach and loyal customers. It helps to create authentic leads and helps to build trustworthy and potential clients.


Ø  7 reasons why you must have a blog to grow social media following on different platforms:-


1)      It helps you to find a new reach and understand your target audience in better ways.

2)      It is good to boost SEO (search engine optimization) of the services/brands/niches.

3)      It also helps to restructure and organize your content in a more presentable way to attract brands/clients/customers/audiences.

4)      You can use the blog description to provide links to your other social media platforms so that you can get great engagement over there.

5)      It increases your reputation and showcases you as an expert in your respective fields

6)      It will increase shares of your social media content and bring traffic to your platforms

7)      Blogging will give you online authority at the same time it increases brand warmness by serving as an advertising and marketing tool


A blog will do wonders, and one day it might become a good source of income for you. One for whom creating a blog is a lot of work. I will suggest you start, like me. Find different websites that give people opportunities (paid or unpaid) to share their blogs on websites. You can also begin writing at we are wholeheartedly welcoming you to share your blogs and utilize our website to the fullest.

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