Ghosts, monsters and demons of India

Title – Ghosts, monsters & demons of India. 

Authors – J. Furcifer Bhairav & Rakesh Khann

At some point in life, we all have been told that “don’t brush your hair in the evenings or else the chudail will possess you, don’t play under the tamarind tree after the sunset because she dwells there and what not!” I was very fascinated by the idea of these extraterrestrial beings what we call ghosts, demons, chudails or whatever other names. I grew up reading about spirits, ghouls, the afterlife and watching scary shows and movies like fear files, ahat, sshh… koi hai, anhonee and so many others. So, if you too are a fan of reading or watching spooky tales and folklores then this encyclopedia – Ghosts, demons and monsters of India is a perfect pick for you.

 It covers stories and legends from all over the country. You will get to know about more than 400 types of ghosts and otherworldly creatures right from Mohini, rakshasa, the naale ba bhoota of Bangalore, chetkin of Maharashtra, the motorcycle bhoota of Rajasthan,  Yakshini to yeti the scary Himalayan legend. What you should keep in mind is, this book doesn’t give you in-depth details about these paranormal beings but just makes you aware of the prevailing and long heard folklores of the respective regions. This book also gives you a slight insight into the inception of these stories & therefore, it’s absolutely intriguing to learn about the thought process,  beliefs, fears and strengths of the people who believe in these creatures to be true. There are many short poems and fables telling about the origins of these creatures which keep you extremely hooked.

 The research team has done its job so well that they have turned the impossible into possible by digging out all the legends from the remote parts of the country and pooling the information into a single book.

The illustrations are so perfect & exciting that the mere pictures of this book are enough to leave you gawking.

So grab your cup of coffee and let yourself bemused in the other world. The world which waits for all of us. The world of unfulfilled wishes and desires – the afterworld.

Readers can buy the book from the official website of Blaft publications.

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