“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” a very well-articulated quote by the renowned brand Coco Chanel.


Let me put you on spot and help you imagine this scene for the next few seconds. You approach a shop, gawking at a  dress by the window, and proceed to amble towards it.  You already have a pseudo in your mind of where to wear it and how to tailor it according to your needs, etc. All of this happened in thirty seconds. You walk into the trial room with your chin up and shoulders high, assuming you know how to dress for your body frame! And then you start to wonder what could be your worst travesty? This then leads you to the point of realization about how everything you had planned for this outfit has started to crumble because the gown looks hideous. That describes the majority of shopping experiences where you are probably investing thousands of dollars on a desirable piece of clothing only to discover that it looks prettier in your wardrobe than on you. What is the reason for this? The answer is simple, it isn’t for your body type and a vast majority of people are completely unaware of these fundamentals.


Trends evolve quickly, but it is not always possible to point out how to conform them to our individual (and stunning!) body shapes. We believe that fashion should make us feel positive about ourselves and the clothes we wear as when it comes to wearing them, one size does not suit everybody as an outfit that looks great on one person may be a living nightmare for another. If you want to improve your fashion quotient, you must first consider your body structure and then choose your outfits appropriately. It’s remarkable how convenient it is to design a wardrobe you want to wear once you discover how to style yourself in the best possible way.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to figuring out your body type and selecting clothes that flatter it:-


1)The 4 Body Measurements


First and foremost, let’s talk about the basics. What is your body shape like? You could start by taking your body measurements (shoulders, bust, stomach, and hips) as it is the most reliable way to work this out. Your structure’s form is determined by the relationship between these figures. So bring your measuring tapes out and let’s get going.


2) What’s my body structure?

Now that you’ve had a good perspective on your body type, you can figure out what it is that you’ve really been looking for. Despite the wide range of body types, a large number of women have body shapes that fall into certain categories of apple, pear, hourglass, and rectangle. Once you keep these facts in mind, it will enable you to dress best for your body type. Below you can find more details about defining your shape and some styling ideas for your outfits.


a)The apple-shaped body

People of small and average build typically appear under this “apple-shaped” body structure when their upper-body build is larger than their lower body. They usually have an average to big bust, broad shoulders, a less defined waist, and slender limbs. Some examples of celebrities with this kind of body shape are Kate Winslet and Sonakshi Sinha.

#Styling Goals and looks to invest in:-

One of the best tips I could give you is to try and elongate your torso by drawing attention to your legs, which helps create an illusion of having a pretty waist. A stylist would suggest you invest in breezy A-line silhouettes, empire cut tops and dresses, flowy tunics, boot cut and straight leg jeans, and anything more open and wide near the neck area for example v necks or peplum tops, etc. You could opt for structured pieces that will add definition and hide the extra weight. I would honestly not shatter your dreams by telling you not to wear certain looks, however, I wouldn’t recommend pairing super skinny jeans or leggings with bulky tops if you want to build a balanced picture as this combination lacks in defining the top half. Always avoid clingy fabrics and horizontal stripes for your upper body.


b) The pear-shaped body

A person generally comes under this body type when their hips are wider than the shoulders with usually a small bust, slender waist, and a rounded bottom. You are as curvaceous as some of the best celebrities out there like Rihanna, Parineeti Chopra, and Kim Kardashian.

#Styling Goals and looks to invest in:-


If you are trying to find the perfect opportunity to flatter everyone around you, then try accentuating your waistline and arms which you can do by adding bulk to your shoulders and upper body to make the perfect silhouette. You could search for bright colors and prints in any of these styles such as boat neck, bowl neck, or square neck as it helps to show off your collarbone which is extremely eye-catching. A lovely outfit combination would be wearing high-rise pants in a dark color making the waistline more prominent. The focus piece could be a bold printed top to make you the spotlight in the crowd. If you want to ace your look remember that crop tops and embellished bottoms are a complete no-no for your body frame.


c)The hourglass body

Here are some of the characteristics that could help you understand if you have an hourglass figure which are a defined waist, well-proportioned shoulders and hips, full bust, and a curvy body. A few celebrity examples are Priyanka Chopra and Jenifer Lopez.

#Styling Goals and looks to invest in:-


This has been the pandemics’ ultimate goal for all the ladies out there as your main aim is to naturally highlight your curves and proportionally balance the upper and lower body while parading your well-defined waist at the same time. Scoop, sweetheart, halter, and v necklines are your go-to styles that draw the eye towards a defined midsection. Wrap and bodycon dresses will help to accentuate your curviness in the right places. The two things that u should never invest in, are turtle necks or high neck dresses or tops and doubles breasted jackets giving the impression of a bigger bust size.



d) The rectangle body shape

 A person with this kind of body is usually athletic or straight. They have a small to average bust, an undefined waist, straight bottoms, not many curves, and well-aligned shoulders and hips. Celebrities with a similar body type are Nicole Kidman and Anushka Sharma and carry it off extremely well.

#Styling Goals and looks to invest in:-

Fortunately, you can wear almost anything and look stunning for our rectangular ladies out there. Your main aim is to present the illusion of having a very defined waist and also try flaunting your lean arms and legs which helps you in complimenting your whole look. Some of the best clothes you could perfuse are scoop necks, off-shoulder tops, detailed collared tops, and dresses that are scalloped to create curves and very ideal in drawing attention to the upper body. Skinny jeans, pencil or A-line skirts, and flared trousers are your best fit. An important tip to remember is to never fall into the trap of vertical stripes or pencil trousers.


So let me bring a smile to your face by telling you that you’re now all set to revamp your closet. Note, no matter what body shape you have, you are gorgeous and everyone is unique in their own way. There should be no such thing as an “ideal” body form, despite what others might want to convince you because it’s perfectly fine if you’re not one of these shapes. What matters most is that you are confident and relaxed. These styling tips are best used as a reference point for understanding the fundamentals. And, let’s face it, most women are a mix of many! It’s all about experimenting with different combinations before you discover what works best for you. I hope by now you’ve gained a better understanding of how to get the best fit for your body type. So keep your chin up honey bunches and always remember to wrap up with a warm smile.

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