Book; A friend for life

A book is a comfort to us because from our childhood until old age, all we have held in our hands are books. Whether it be In the form of a picture book, a text book, a story book, a novel or a magazine; we have always held books during our entire lifetime. As the years went by, we never realized that when these books became our friends. They have taught us millions of goods things and always stayed by our side. We shared our sorrows and happiness with each other, due to which we trusted each other blindly without any doubt. The books gave us company during our restless days and nights; and easily engulfed us into their various articles. In no time they made us feel at ease rather than on the edge.

A quote from Mark Twain,
“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life”.

This quote means that an ideal life needs good friends to share our deep feelings, good books to share our deep thoughts and an undisturbed sleep. In other words, a good book is our good friend and that good friend shares their deep feelings and thoughts with us and helps us to lean on them and take us into an undisturbed sleep.

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