A smile can hide millions of sorrows

As most of the people in this world show that they are happy with their lives, but deep down they are sad and are fighting through their life challenges. Everyone deserves to be happy in their life, but they must know how to tackle those life challenges before they fall into the pit of depression. One way to tackle this is by sharing our feelings with someone whom we can trust and get support from, but often we do not want to burden others with our difficulties as we feel they likely have enough to manage all alone. We always seem to curse ourselves for going through such situations, which makes us even worse. Instead, we can do things that we love, like; continue a long‐lasting hobby, or we can write down our feelings on a piece of paper; let that piece of paper be our secret keeper, or even better, if possible live like a kid and get all our demands accepted. One can be completely happy without wearing a mask. So in place of 🙂🙃, they can be 😊.

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