5 Amazing Morning Drinks for Healthy Glowing Skin

Are you worried about not getting rid of acne that makes your skin look dead? Have you used costly skin care products and treatments from doctors but have not achieved any results? Don’t worry! I got your back.

Healthy and acne-free skin is what everyone wants. Because your face is the first thing, people notice when they look at you. Apart from using expensive products that can sometimes be horrendous for the skin, you can use some of the morning drinks. Yeah, you heard it right! Morning drinks are not only helpful for your skin to glow but also for your overall health.

Here are some essential morning drinks that help make your skin healthy and glowing.


1.    Fresh fruit juices

You know what? Fresh juices are the best things for your skin. Fruits like carrots, beetroots, and pomegranates are high in vitamins and micronutrients.

Carrots contain vitamin A, which is good for vision and helps to boost healthy skin. Carrot juice prevents acne and pigmentation. Beetroot juice circulates the blood in the body and flushes out the toxins making your skin clear.

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How to make

  • Take carrots and rinse them before peeling.
  • After peeling, chop them into smaller pieces of about ½ of an inch.
  • Add in the juice blender with some pieces of orange and a little salt.
  • Blend it and strain.

2.   Turmeric milk

Turmeric milk, also called ‘golden milk,’ is suitable for your skin and body. If you have a cold, flu, or joint pain, it can relieve all of them if you drink it. It is a powerful oxidant that can help prevent cell damage in our bodies. It reduces scars, prevents acne, lightens dark circles, and gives your skin a natural glow.

Turmeric milk

How to make

  • Take a glass of milk.
  • Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder.
  • Add a freshly grated piece of ginger, usually 1/2 an inch.
  • Mix them both after adding in the milk.

3.    Black tea

Apart From having several health benefits like maintaining sugar levels, high cholesterol, and diabetes, this tea is an excellent cure for your skin. According to research, black tea reduces pigmentation and gives skin a glow when used over time. Earl Grey tea especially has many incredible benefits for your skin.


Black Tea


How to make

  • Boil 2 cups of water in a saucepan for 3 minutes.
  • Add tea powder and boil for the next 2 minutes.
  • After that, switch the flame and add sugar.
  • Strain it and mix well, and your tea is ready.

4.    Aloe vera juice

Regarding skin care, aloe vera is the foremost thing to use. Apart from healing wounds, aloe vera has many other health benefits, such as it helps with digestive issues and improving dental and oral health. Aloe vera juice is excellent for your skin. You get hydrated when you drink its juice daily. It nourishes your skin, removes pimples and acne, and gives your skin a glowing look.


Aloe Vera Juice


How to make

  • Pluck off a plant of aloe vera and peel it after washing.
  • Chop It into pieces.
  • Add ginger, water, salt, and lemon with the chopped aloe vera pieces.
  • Blend well and strain. There you go.
  • You can also add some honey.

5.    Raisin water

We all know that 60% of our body is water. Water plays a vital role and makes our skin healthy and clear. Raisin water, sometimes called ‘Kishmish Water,’ is a beverage made by soaking raisins overnight and heating the liquid.

This water purifies the blood, increases blood count, and manages health issues such as anemia, diabetes, etc. Drinking raisin water daily gives you naturally glowing skin free of acne and pimples.


Raisin Water

How to make

  • Soak 150 grams of raisins in a bowl of water at night.
  • In next morning, boil 2 cups of water in a saucepan.
  • After that, separate the raisin from the water and add to the warm water you boiled.
  • Add some lemon water, and there you go.

It will help if you drink it daily to get the desired results. You can also eat the raisins after that.

The bottom line

To conclude, you should start your day with these fantastic morning drinks, as they will help you with the growth of healthy skin cells. Try to avoid skin care products, treatments, and other things that may cause serious diseases for your skin.

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