13 Tips on How to Google Like a Pro

According to research, 2.5 billion people use google as a search engine. But to google something and find the exact results isn’t a piece of cake. Most people have no idea how to google their queries and they often get stuck with irrelevant results. Are you one of them? You waste your time searching for something on google when can’t find the relevant results. Don’t worry.

In this article, you will get to know about the 13 tips that will help you to google something you want like a pro.

  1. Use the keyword define: to find the definitions of something you want. For instance, define:SEO will let you know the definition of the term SEO.


  2.  If you want to search anything within the specific website then use the keyword search: Such that, blog writing will only show the result in the specific website.

  3. You can use the keyword related: to find similar sites. For example, will show you all the results related to the google site.

  4. Forgot a word that you remembered? Don’t worry. Use* to find the missing words. To illustrate, type how to * a computer and it will let you show all the missing words.

  5. If you want the exact-match words to show on google search results, use quotes “ “. For instance, “how to write a cover letter” will show you the exact words containing the terms you entered.

  6. If you want to search for something within the specific range of numbers, then use ... Suppose you want to know about the batman movies between the period of 1920..2020 then it will only show the results between the year 1920 to 2020.

  7. If you want to search for something and want to get rid of irrelevant words, you can use –. For example, best books -buy, will surely exclude the word buy.

  8. Use the + character if you want both the words that you are searching should appear in the search results. To demonstrate it, frontend+backend will let you show the results containing both the words.

  9. Use the Boolean logical operator AND if you want the results only related to both terms.

    Furthermore, you can use the operator OR that will show the results related to any one of the keywords you entered.

  10. If you want a specific type of file while googling on a specific topic then use the keyword filetype: For example, Linux operating system filetype:pdf will let you show the files containing the pdf extension.

  11. Use the keyword site: to find the information within the specific domain of the site e.g., edu, org, gov. For example, coronavirus the results will be shown only on .org sites.

  12. Us the keyword intitle: if you want the exact words to be included in the title of the sites. Such that, intitle PowerPoint will contain all the results having PowerPoint in the title.|

  13. You can also use the keyword allintitle: if you want all the words to be included in the title. For instance, allintitle:PowerPoint tutorial. Results containing PowerPoint tutorials in the title of the sites will be shown.


    To summarize, if you follow all the above-mentioned tips then you can not only get the relevant results but can also save your precious time. Moreover, it can help you to improve your searching skills so that you can eliminate the results you don’t need. By narrowing down your results you can find the relevant information as Google also ensures to help the users with valuable content.

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